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    2D & 3D PROJECTS

About Us


What We Do

We do TV commercials, documentaries, design and development of websites, Smartphone apps, Digital marketing, SEO, Event management, corporate identity and all the stuff for advertising. Our team consist of young, talented and passionate professionals who have proven experience in particular area. Our mission is to connect with our audience through latest technology, innovative ideas and understanding the current market situation. Each of our works is a voyage of creativity, surprise, reflection, feelings and dreams. As a full service branding, advertising and interactive agency, we think of successful marketing as a smooth-running machine, with all its components working together in harmony to maximize results and return on investment .
Watercolour is one of the trusted advertising agencies in the heart of Cochin. Clarity, purity and transparency are our motto. Our approach towards a client is very special. First we listen to our client, because we believe that we are the architects of client's concept. Whether the client come up with a fully detailed idea, or a simple need, we take the time to understand client's vision. Then we bring colour to it and give them a new life. We believe that apt colour mixed in real medium makes the picture exquisite. This Basic idea is manifested in every work we undertake, whether it is an Ad Film, Web Development, Internet services, Event Management or Branding. Our prime aim in this venture is to develop innovative ideas that can capture the mass mind. Through the magical and artistic effect of advertisement, we wish instigate the business endeavors to the maximum extent. We aimed at local and international market with small, medium and large scale industries.

Why Us ?

World is ever-changing, so also the business patterns. To satisfy the new generation needs and cope up with the day today hike we should have potential, creativity, a mind to do hard work and ability to foresee things


We wish to inculcate a long-term healthy and authentic relationship with our clients. Our aim is to enlighten the clients to be vigilant and energetic so that they may be well aware of their specific business needs.

Time limit and credibility

We try our best to satisfy the needs of the clients with minimum time limit and maximum credibility. We will utilize the experience that we have gained from the world famous brands and look around to study the ever-growing and ever-changing patterns of business and shall be ready to assimilate the formula behind every success.


We will be flexible in our dealings and give prime importance to the ideas and aspirations of the client. We are always watchful to promote your needs and we ensure your reputation.


We take the responsibility of making the business fast and trendy. Best result is aimed and can be achieved only through hard work and responsibility.


Proper communication is another thing that we take into consideration. Before we undertake a project, we give the client a clear picture of what we do and accept the positive suggestions put forward by the client.



Building Trust by Providing Quality

When you need our help, we will be there! No waiting for days for returned emails. No wondering if your request has been received. We make sure you know you are special to us and that your needs are important.

AD Films

Bodhi's Watercolour Advertising Ad Film team is one of the best innovative film, video and television production house in the Cochin area. Innovative because we use advanced equipments, best methods and newest techniques to produce content that gets extraordinary results. We can manage all or any part of your advertising campaign: concept, production, casting, telemarketing and fulfilment. If you need to increase the total sales of your company, you have to communicate with a powerful message to your Target Audience. As a client, you will work with our wonderful team of media professionals, including project managers, copywriters, designers, and directors. Our team will help you brainstorm your project, script and storyboard your video, and produce a final product that will exceed your expectations, without exceeding your budget. We cover the full range of VFX production including Animation, 3D modelling, 3D Camera Matching, Shading, editing, and Rendering. We have professionals for creating special effects, designing incredible costumes, arranging fantastic sets, and a team with beautiful film content writers.

Web Development

Our design process is usually guided by our clients. Their schedule and timeline become a part of our work. We are very flexible with our process. We start by really talking to you and understanding to your ideas and concepts, we then take our ideas and work with you to create the perfect product. They are very involved with the development process, from beginning to end. Our Team of web designers can offer interactive and highly creative website design services which includes high-class website development, custom web programming from a simple web page to the complex solutions, e-commerce solutions, CMS (Content Management Systems) and search engine friendly website design. We work with our clients to develop a long term internet strategy based on business goals and objectives. We make sure we sit down with you and discuss your business and the core function of your website. After this we carry out our own research and develolment based on your business and your target audience ensuring that nothing is left to chance.

Digital Marketing

Being successful in the world of digital marketing takes time, effort and yet more time sitting in front of a screen. We exist because most people do not have the time, knowledge or desire to dedicate themselves to it. We help you work out what you want to communicate online. Then profile your target audience, broadcast/listen on relevant social platforms and measure the impact.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves improving a website’s position in search engine rankings for selected keywords.. Your company website should be fully optimized so that you are easily found in all the relevant search terms for your industry and market. Put simply, this will deliver you considerably more web traffic and sales.We believe that your website shouldn’t just be a destination, but an active part of your marketing campaign. It should be introducing new customers to your business.

Social Media Management

We work with companies and individuals to share stories, engage in conversations and manage digital footprints in order to build reputation, generate online buzz and fuel web traffic. Social Media is relatively new, a little murky in reputation and sometimes fuelled by jargon and black hat magicians. However, it’s an extremely powerful communication tool and is here to stay with an estimated 2 billion internet users worldwide.

Pay per click

Pay per click (PPC) advertising, if managed correctly, is one of the very best online marketing methods that is currently available to any business with a website. Pay per click advertising is an innovative marketing method that only displays your advert when people search for your products or service. Bodhi's Watercolour Advertising have qualified specialists who understand every aspect of the pay per click management process and will work with you to:

• Research your market and find the right keywords and key-phrases.
• Write innovative and targeted adverts to ensure maximum click through ratios.
• Create targeted, compelling landing pages for each campaign (if necessary) .
• Analyse how each change affects your campaign performance and make necessary modifications eliminate and add keywords according to how they perform.
• Increase or decrease cost per clicks as needed to maximise your ROI.
• Focus on the ads/terms that convert the most and cost the least.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective digital marketing tactics. Email marketing should be an essential part of your digital marketing mix. It can be used for customer acquisition and customer retention. Our consultants have a wealth of experience in email marketing in both business to consumer and business to business environments. Before commencing with the email marketing campaign we will meet with you to establish your objectives.

Event Management

At Bodhi's Watercolour Advertising our event team is very much reliable , creative and always delivering a high standard quality and value for money to our customers. We work in close with our clients and partners to deliver a fruitful output. In our event sector we are mainly concentrating on Corporate Events, Live shows and concerts, Model and Celebrity management, DJs, Road shows, Product Launch , Birthday Parties, Marketing Campaigns, Wedding parties etc.. Our passion and events insight are guaranteed to provoke a positive response from your audience.

Branding Strategy

As a branding agency Our primary objective is to develop a brand image and brand strategy that is dramatic, emotionally alluring and participatory to the defined target audiences. We then search for new and more effective ways of reaching people via this brand refresh. We offer brand identity development including business name, logo, caption making, graphic designing and other supporting marketing collaterals. We can make qualitative research with current competitor to determine the desired brand positioning and ensure an enduring brand for the life of your business.





A Few of Our Happy Clients



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